Inventor's Lab

You can be an inventor!

It's true. You don't need to be a scientist, a genius, or even an adult. All you need is an idea. We're here to help you discover that idea and guide you through all the steps of creating your own invention.

Once you've created your amazing invention, share it with us on Facebook. You can watch videos of other young inventors for inspiration, too!

Inventor's Notebook
Every inventor needs a notebook. It's the way you keep track of your idea, and it helps prove that YOU thought of it. So, every time you finish one of these activities, you'll get your results in DR FAD certified pages that you can print out and add to your own Inventor's Notebook, so you'll have a record of the entire progress of your invention.
Get started...

Figuring out what's been invented in the past and what people need today.

Collecting all your ideas and figuring out the best one.

Your Idea
Perfecting your idea once you've found it.

Sell It
Getting your idea ready to be sold.