Inventor's Lab : Brainstorm

If you did the research activities, you're on the way to having a great idea. But the problem is recognizing the idea when it comes to you. Most of the time, we lose our good ideas right away because we forget them or think, "Nah... that's a dumb idea." (Even when it's not.) To keep from doing either of those things, you need to BRAINSTORM.

These three activities are all about collecting as many ideas as you can without forgetting them or telling yourself that they bite. Once you finish, you'll have loads of ideas, one of which may be THE idea you're looking for. (And you'll have a certified BRAINSTORM section for your INVENTOR'S NOTEBOOK.) When you're done brainstorming, it'll be time to fine-tune YOUR IDEA.


Idea Jam
How many ideas can you come up with in one minute?

What If?
How can you change the world?

Make it Better
Everything can be made better, if you think hard enough.