You put it down, it bounces back. You stick it in a box, it bursts free and assumes new shapes. It reinvents itself and keeps on doing its thing.

So does THE DR FAD SHOW. This award winning TV series aired across the country and around the world… and now DR FAD is back…on the WEB!

In every episode, contestants use their guts and ingenuity to solve creative challenges in our FAD LAB. And they proudly demonstrate working models of their INVENTIONS for points and prizes. From ice-cream-cone drip catchers to automatic dog feeders, each invention is AWESOME. It's up to you to choose your favorites.

Let your OWN IMAGINATION run wild in our Inventor's Lab. Then share your ideas on Facebook.

Watch THE DR FAD SHOW right here.

And remember; "Don't just follow fads, CREATE THEM!"

THE DR FAD SHOW is created and produced by Joanne Roberts Productions, and Tradex Corp.